YES Freeze-Dried Horse Meat Dog and Cat Treats, 90g

by YES

✔ YES I'M REAL 马肉冻干 [BB 2025.3]

Suite for: dog and cat.

Breeds: All sized breeds over 3 months old.

Key Benefits

  • Horse meat is a nutritious snack with plenty of palmitoleic acid that helps protect skin and improve pancreatic function, magnesium good for joints, and glycogen.
  • Bite-sized cubes with good palatability for dogs and cats. 
  • It is good for reward snacks and nosework play. 
  • It is a freeze-drying method that reduces nutrient destruction and saves the original taste of the ingredients, with a soft and crunchy texture.
  • No preservatives, additives. 
  • Can be feed as a healthy treat or add to a meal.
  • Made in Korea. 


Horse meat.

Feeding Instruction

Less than 5kg: 1~2/day

Less than 10kg: 2~3/day

Less than 25kg: 4~5/day

Over 25kg: ~6/day