About Us

Joy Paw, founded in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, is your neighborhood online pet store providing premium products and services for dogs and cats 🐶🐱.

We love and care about our furry friends. We commit to bring the high-quality products to our customers all the time. 

When I (the founder of Joy Paw) was a child, I had a cute cat named "Cho", he was my best friend ever. I remember he always snuggled around while I was studying, eating and sleeping, and I used to share all my little secrets with him. I thought I could have him around forever but very sadly that he died of overfeeding chicken livers, after 7 years of companion. 

At that time, neither my family nor I  really knew the appropriate way to feed a pet, not to mention the importance of the pet nutrition. But I cannot stop thinking what if we knew better, can Cho live a longer life with me and my family?  

That's why Joy Paw dedicates in studying pet nutrition and the founder has been certified as the Pet Nutrition Coach by the North American Veterinary Community in year 2021. We believe nutrition is the foundation of health and we hope our lovely furry friends can live a longer and  joyful life with us! 

At Joy Paw, we treat our customers as a family that we give our loves not only by offering the best products, also by sharing the science-based feeding knowledge to give our pet a longer and healthier life as possible. 

As a family, you are more than welcome to send us any suggestions/comments through emails and messages to make us service you better!