YES Freeze-Dried Fresh Brussels Sprouts Pet Treats, 40g

by YES
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✔ YES I'M REAL 孢子甘蓝冻干 [BB 2024.12]

Suite for: dog and cat.

Breeds: All sized breeds over 3 months old.

Regular fiber intake help prevent and reduce kidney disease and cancer risk factors! 

Diarrhea and kidney disease are caused by an acidic environment in the body, so it is important to eat vegetables that can alkalize the environment in the body! 

Key Benefits

  • Full of vitamins, dietary fiber, and isothiocyanate, it helps with strong antioxidant, digestion improvement, and detox. 
  • Bite-sized drops with taste. 
  • It is good for reward snacks and nosework play. 
  • It is a freeze-drying method that reduces nutrient destruction and saves the original taste of the ingredients, with a soft and crunchy texture.
  • Can be feed as a healthy treat or break into pieces and add to a meal.
  • Contains ~40 pieces per can.
  • Made in Korea. 


Brussels sprouts (baby cabbages).

Feeding Instruction

Less than 5kg: 1~2/day

Less than 10kg: 2~3/day

Less than 25kg: 4~5/day

Over 25kg: ~6/day