SENDER to the SUMMIT Freeze-Dried Bison Balls for Dogs and Cats, 1.5oz

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Suite for: dogs and cats.

Breeds: All sized breeds over 3 months old.

It is a healthy and delicious nutritious snack for dogs and cats.

Warning - may cause excessive drool due to the mild tripe aroma.

Key Benefits

  • Bison has less calories and less saturated fat compared to beef, but has a higher protein and vitamin B content, making it a healthy alternative! 
  • With the addition of bison tripe and organs, these treats are full of nutrients! 
  • Human grade. 
  • Can be feed as a healthy treat or break into pieces and add to a meal.
  • Made in Canada. 


Bison meat, bison tripe, bison organs (liver, heart, lung, kidney, spleen)

Feeding Instruction:

Feed as a treat. Always supervise your pet when feeding. Ensure that your pet as access to fresh water at all times.

Keep sealed and store in a cool, dark, and dry location.