Primitive Choice Pork Brains- Freeze-Dried Pet Treat, 3oz


Suite for: dog and cat.

Breeds: All sized breeds. 

Brains contain omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients. They are a superior source of DHA which your pets need to have a complete diet. Brain is a great alternative for those pets who cannot consume fish or shellfish ingredients for fatty acids. 

Key Benefits

  • These brains have a much different texture compared to our other freeze dried treats. Brains are fatty so they have "spongy airy" feeling to them that can leave a residue on your hands.
  • You can rehydrate freeze dried treats by simply adding them to water.
  • Made by hand in extremely small batches. 
  • No added antibiotics, hormones, growth promtants or artificial ingredients. 
  • Always vegetarian fed, non-GMO diets and crate free. 
  • Made in USA. 


100% natural pork brains. 

 Feeding Instructions

Feeding as a treat or a meal mixer.