Light Warm Vest Dog Winter Cloth_ Pink

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Suite for: small dog. 


L - Neck 29cm, Chest 45cm, Length 30cm, Weight ~11lb

XL - Neck 32cm, Chest 50cm, Length 33cm, Weight ~14lb


  • It is a winter outerwear with a neutral color made of pastel matte fabric with a soft texture.
  • It is a lightweight padded jacket vest with warm warmth with a fleece lining that will further upgrade the warmth of the 3-ounce quilted coat.
  • It's a regular size product.
  • We recommend you to purchase one size larger, and please refer to the actual size table and choose the size.
  • *No exchange or refund, so please keep that in mind when you purchase it. 


  • Please refer to the laundry symbol attached inside.
  • Dry cleaning or hand washing with neutral detergent is recommended, and cracks may appear on the character printing if washed often.
  • Please be aware that dogs with a lot of exercise may experience linting due to severe friction.
  • Please refer to the following when washing:
  • If you use an alkaline detergent (usually soap, baby detergent, etc.), it is recommended that you wash it lightly with a neutral detergent and chlorine bleaching is not possible.
  • It is recommended to dehydrate rinsing or dehydrating as short as possible.
  • You can use an iron, and it is recommended to dry it in the shade.