Multifunctional Dog Ball, Chew and Food Dispenser Toys, 3 colors

by WS
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Suit For: Toy, Small, Medium, Large Dogs, Aggressive Chewers. 

Size: 6(L) * 6(W) * 6(H) cm.

Material: Silicone. Eco-friendly, non-toxic. 

Key Benefits

  • Premium Quality: Safe to chew and play. 
  • Multiple Fun toy:  resistant to bite as a ball toy, then you can insert some foods/treats into the body as a food dispenser; you can also apply toothpaste directly on the toy bumps to attract the dog's interest in playing and cleaning his teeth. 
  • The pointed massage bumps designed with different degrees to better clean the dog's incisors, canine teeth and molars when the dog plays with the toy. 
  • This toy is durable and resistant to bite, especially for aggressive chewers.