Grizzly Krill Oil for Dogs and Cats, 8oz

by Grizzly
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Suite For: Dogs and Cats.

Life Stage: All. 

Size: 237ml bottle.  

Key Benefits:

  • Wild krill from the pristine waters of Antarctica contain high levels of a natural antioxidant called Astaxanthin: this is what gives krill its deep red color.
  • Grizzly Krill Oil contains up to EIGHT times more Astaxanthin than Krill Oil for humans, making it an extremely powerful antioxidant product for dogs and cats.
  • Antioxidants have been shown to aid in the elimination of harmful molecules called “free radicals.”
  • Made in America. 


100% Krill Oil. 

Feeding Instruction: 

 Body Weight  Pump Strokes 
 Up to 12 pounds 1/2
12 – 25 pounds 1
 25 – 50 pounds 2
 50 – 100 pounds 3
 Over 100 pounds 4


Mixed into the meal. 

*Note: Store in room temperature. No need to refrigerate.