Dog Poop Waste Bag Holder, 1-pc, 3 colors

by Joy Paw


  • Lightweight & durable: The weight of a dog poop bag holder for leash is only 0.01lb, light, easy to carry, and hanging on the leash will not cause any burden on the dog.
  • Suitable for Any Leash: The dog poop holder is used together with the Velcro, the length of the Velcro can be adjusted according to the size of the belt. Velcro can also cut off the extra parts according to needs. The velcro is fastened to the traction rope, and the dog poop bag holder will not slide.
  • Large Size: The size of the dog bag dispenser for leash is 2.36*4.84 inch. The size of the dog bag holder is large enough. The dog poop bag holder for leash can hold three bags full of excrement. The dog waste bag holder is easy to use and easy to install.