We Help Our Local Animal Services Shelter

We Help Our Local Animal Services Shelter

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Joy Paw is proud to help rescue our lost, surrendered or abandoned pets, and we deeply know that we could not do this without YOUR SUPPORT!



 * Donated on June 2, 2023

About Animal Services Shelter

The City of Mississauga Animal Services Shelter is operating by the City of Mississauga. They responded to more than 4,000 animal emergencies and rescues in 2020. Their services offered include:

  • Emergency animal services
  • Reuniting lost pets with their owners
  • Care for homeless and lost pets
  • Rescuing domestic pets and wildlife
  • Pet adoptions


Why Joy Paw chose Animal Services Shelter?

Joy Paw is founded in the city of Mississauga, we recognize our social responsibility as a local business operator. We trust the City of Mississauga as an official authority saving and protecting our animals.


Our Commitment

Joy Paw will purchase and donate the indicated pet foods and supplies to the Animal Services Shelter regularly through our business operation. To help our lovely furry friends as much as we can and to make a better world! 

Let's make a difference TOGETHER! 

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