Tips of Dog Dry Food

Tips of Dog Dry Food

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Dry dog food comes in a variety of textures, flavors and kibble sizes. They can be mixed with wet food or freeze-dried dog food toppers for picky pet eaters. When feeding the dry dog food consider your dog’s age, breed, weight and activity level. If your dog has allergies or chronic gastrointestinal (GI) issues, try a limited ingredient dry dog food diet to eliminate/resolve allergy triggers.

For both cats and dogs, they like new food if exposed to rotation of food before age 2; if only receiving single food from their early stage, they won’t like new/unfamiliar food when they grow older. We suggest rotate the food every three to six month. 

About the Bag Size

It’s common to choose the bigger sized dry food to consume a longer time. It seems convenient and economical; however, kibbles are better to be consumed within 2 weeks after opening, mainly because the fates begin to oxidize and go rancid, which will lose the nutritional value and affect the taste of the food. That may be the reason your pet eats perfect in the beginning but won’t want to touch the same food later.

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