Q&As for Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Q&As for Freeze-Dried Raw Food

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✔ Is freeze dried pet food considered raw?

Freeze-drying is a technique that preserves raw ingredients such as fresh meat to deliver a finished pet food product which is safe, shelf stable and lightweight. Freeze dried pet food is technically raw and full of nutrients. For example, a raw nugget is the same as a freeze-dried nugget when rehydrated or consumed with water!

✔ Can freeze dried pet food have salmonella?

Unlike fresh raw meat, some freeze-dried raw pet foods also go through high-pressure processing (HPP), a pasteurization process used to decrease quantities of bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli. Even after HPP, freeze-dried pet food is still considered a raw food.

✔ Does freeze dried raw need refrigeration?

Freeze drying is a slow process that preserves nutrients, enzymes, and protein structures while making the food shelf stable, so it does not require refrigeration. Just place it in a room temperature. 

✔ Is Freeze dried pet food has more nutrition than dry kibbles? 

Yes. Freeze dried process removes moisture under pressure without cooking the ingredients. Keeping the nutritional integrity intact; Retaining most of the vitamins and mineral found in fresh, raw pet food. 


✔ Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated vs. Raw vs. Dried Food

    Freeze Dried Dehydrated Raw* Dried
1 Raw Food yes no yes no
2 Process Method freeze dry  low temperature heated dry/air-dry fresh high temperature heated dry
3 Cooked no  yes no yes
4 Nutrition Value high medium high high low
5 Storage Before Opening room temperature room temperature refrigeration room temperature
6 Storage After Opening room temperature room temperature refrigeration room temperature
7 Best Storage Time After Opening 20 days 30 days 3-4 days 15 days
8 Bacteria Risk yes, but lower than raw food no yes no
9 Price high high high low


 Raw* means commercial raw pet food, not freshly purchased raw protein. 


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