Are You Feeding Enough to Your Pet? – Part 3

Are You Feeding Enough to Your Pet? – Part 3

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When we calculate the daily energy requirement for our pet, we need to know the energy density of a pet food. It refers to the number of calories provided by the food in a given weight or volume. In North America, energy density is expressed as kcal of ME per kg or pound (lb) of diet.

When the caloric density of a pet food is high enough for an animal to consume a sufficient quantity to meet its daily energy needs, energy density will be the primary factor that determines the quantity of food that is consumed each day.

There is an inverse relationship between energy density and the volume of food that is consumed. As a food’s energy density increases, the total volume of food that is consumed decreases.

Therefore, the same priced food with the same weight is actually cheaper with the high energy density than the low energy density. Now you know the little trick to save the money for picking the food for your pet!

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