Healthy Paws Duck Feet Dog and Cat Treats, 114g

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Suite for: dog and cat.

Breeds: All sized breeds over 3 months old.

Long-Eating Duck Feet give your pets strong teeth with best palatability. 

Medium-to-Long Term Chews. Great for dental health. 

Key Benefits

  • It is a natural snack with no salt, no preservatives, and no additives, and you can trust and feed it as it is carefully selected Canadian ducks. 
  • It is a bone-type snack in the form of long duck feet in which the bones and meat are dried together.
  • Dogs and cats can hold and eat it, and the chewy and crispy texture is good for palatability and can be eaten for a long time, helping to improve dental health and relieve stress. 
  • As it is rich in minerals and amino acids, it helps promote vitality and comfortable sleep.
  • Made in Canada. 


Duck feet.