Fera Liver Support for Dogs and Cats, 2.5oz


Suite For: Dogs and Cats.

Life Stage: All. 

Size: 2.5oz bottle.  

Good for: Liver health

The function of the liver includes the regulation of digestion and metabolism, the synthesis of hormones and proteins, immune function and filtering of toxins from the bloodstream.

Because the liver is essential for so many processes, maintaining its health is a crucial factor for the overall well-being of your pets!

Key Benefits:

  • Veterinarian-formulated 
  • Our veterinarian-formulated Liver Support features Milk Thistle, which is known to provide antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and liver regenerating properties.
  • It also includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to foster normal liver function, as well as Turmeric Curcumin, Burdock and Dandelion to support liver detoxication and healthy waste elimination.
  • Includes Choline, an essential nutrient for a healthy liver, heart and brain.
  • Made in United States of America.