SuSu Freeze-Dried Fruits Goat Milk Cheese Balls Pet Treats, 35g

by SuSu

✔ 山羊奶酪水果球冻干

Produced:  2022.11, Valid 1-year.

Suite for: dog and cat.

Breeds: All sized breeds over 3 months old.

It is a healthy and delicious nutritious snack with sweet and sour fruits, and 365 days natural grazing goat milk with cheese. 80-90 pieces per jar. 

Key Benefits

  • Natural grazing fresh goat milk can help with immunity and digestion, have a low chance of causing allergies, and have strong calcium, which is good for bones.
  • It is a freeze-drying method that reduces nutrient destruction and saves the original taste of the ingredients, with a soft and crunchy texture.
  • Made in Korea. 


Goat milk, organic apple vinegar, freeze-dried strawberry, freeze-dried blue berry and mango. 

Daily Feeding Instructions

~4kg: 2~3pcs /4~10kg: 3~5pcs /10kg~: 5~7pcs