Luxury Collection - L'ANGE - Limited Edition

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Suite For: Toy dog, Small dog.

Weight Range: Between 3 lb and 10 lb.

Size: 8 Standard sizes are available to choose; can be tailored as Individual size as well.

Prices include international shipping + duty & tax.


  • The size can be tailored as individual size, if the pet's size doesn't fit into the standard sizes, however, additional fees may apply. 
  • Its Non-Refundable, No-Return, and No-Exchange. 
  • This dress has limited quantity, first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please enjoy it with matching hair accessories (sold separately).

Item Details: 

  • Organic cotton cashmere fabric
  • Hand clochette
  • Swarovski Crystal & Pearl
  • Italian pearl button

2WAY skirt

  • Organza with original embroidery
  • French sateen
  • Swarovski crystals

    How to Care: 

    Hand wash and cannot be tumble dried, or dry cleaning. 


    About the Dress: 

    A pure knit dress inspired by an angel who has fallen on a holy night.

    The knit, which is a three-dimensional knit of the silhouette of an angel, is based on white, and has a gentle design with pastel colors and bijou in places. Add sweetness to the collar and cuffs with a sweet ruffle.

    The frilled skirt filled with small stars is Pet a Portre Paris's original removable Trop Coordonné design. A must-have item that can be used as a single item or as a dresser by using 2WAY.


    How to Make the Order:

    1. Contact Us to check product availability before making the payment (its limited edition). 
    2. Select the product and make the payment.
    3. Follow the How to Measure Your Dog or Cat to get the correct body size of your pet.
    4. Send us your pet's measured size, weight, and breed through Contact Us.
    5. Joy Paw will contact you and confirm your pet's size before placing your order.
    6. Joy Paw will recommend the appropriate size of the dress for your pet.
    7. Expect to receive your order in 5-7 weeks.