Luxury Collection - Candy Bag with Fur - Boise de Rose

by It-Dogs
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Suite For: cat, toy dog, small dog; Pet's Owner.

Pet's weight: Under 15 lbs. 

Come with two sizes: 

Pet Bag : Base ~ 29*17cm; Height ~ 27cm 

Mini Bag (for pet's owner): Base ~ 11*11cm; Top ~ 23*21cm; Height ~ 17cm.  


  • This Candy Bag is 100% handmade in Italy. 
  • It is straw lined in cotton, outside with pink rose tulle all around the bag with candy cover. 
  • The inside cover (lining) is made of ecological fur, which gives extra warm to the bag in the winter time. 
  • The inside cover is a separate piece, you can take it out in the summer time. 
  • Two options for inside cover (shown in the pictures):
    • one-side ecological fur; one-side lace. 
    • two-side ecological fur. 
  • Double braided handles. 
  • Mini Bag is the same as the Pet Bag, without the fur (fur is only for the Pet Bag to give extra warm to the pets). 
  • Its non-refundable, no-return, and no-exchange. 
  • Expecting 10-15 shipping days. 

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