Customized Pet Pastel Painting - Picture Drawing

by Joy Paw


  • Two sizes are available to choose: 10*8 inch and 9*9 inch.
  • Artist draw as the picture/image provided by customers.
  • Color drawing on the pastel paper and final product will come with a wooden frame. 
  • Processing time: 7-10 days.

What is a Pastel Painting?

A pastel is an art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of powdered pigment and a binder. The pigments used in pastels are similar to those used to produce some other colored visual arts media, such as Oil Paints; the binder is of a neutral hue and low saturation. The color effect of pastels is closer to the natural dry pigments than that of any other process. Pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance, and gained considerable popularity in the 18th century, when a number of notable artists made pastel their primary medium.


What is the Picture Drawing?

Artist draws as the SAME as the picture provided by the customer. Customers can request minor adjustments.


How Does it Work?

Step 1: Customer chooses the size of the painting.

Step 2: Customer makes the payment and places the order at Joy Paw by the acknowledgement and consent of the  TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PASTEL PAINTING*.

Step 3: Customer sends the picture/image (the one you want to draw) with any notes to our Email with Subject “Pastel Painting” [Note: Artist draws as the same as the picture/image provided by the customer, but customer can request minor changes to the picture before start drawing].

Step 4: Joy Paw will get back to you within 24hrs to confirm receiving the order and report the painting process until finish drawing.

Step 5: Joy Paw will send you the picture of the finished drawing and notify the shipping schedule.


How Long is the Processing Time?

7-10 days